Emergency situation calls for emergency measures

Free sale of FFP3-class respirators is prohibited by order of the Ministry of Health. However, there are still a lot of alternative solutions in the CERVA GROUP product portfolio.

We would like to inform you about the order of the Ministry of Health dated 3 March 2020 that forbade our company to sell any FFP3-certified respirator masks to distributors or industrial companies which came into force on 4 March 2020. For more information see the original copy of the emergency measure.

As a result, we do not accept orders for any FFP3 class respirator masks, and all open orders for these products in our system have been cancelled.

As an alternative, you may consider products on stock that offer comparable protection to FFP3 respirators. However, unlike respirators, they can be reused. This includes a whole range of filtration masks and a new product in our portfolio-a pandemic Flu Kit manufactured by Sundstrom. These products are not covered by government regulations, so they can be resold to our distributors.

The full portfolio of filtration masks can be found in the catalogue on our website. For more information about our new pandemic Flu Kit, please contact our respiratory protection product specialist Patrik Zmeškal at patrik.zmeskal@cerva.com or your sales representative.

In the end, we can promise maximum effort to ensure the supply of standard products from our product range with the aim of ensuring smooth operation for as many production plants as possible.