MAX – workwear for any occasion

MAX is our widest and most well-known collection which combines simple design, quality materials and our comfortable Relax fit (with the exception of the MAX Winter line, designed in the Standard fit) which is suitable for almost all types of figures. An array of color variants offers designs for many end customers.

A total of seven product lines of the MAX collection meet all the requirements for workwear, from the most basic designs to the most demanding ones, like high visibility clothing. Since this is a large family of garments, the individual lines can be combined with each other and therefore will always match. With its color combinations, the women's MAX workwear perfectly complements and supports the YOWIE leisurewear collection.

Individual lines of the MAX collection


The NEO clothing line is 100 % cotton, designed in the Relax cut. The weight of the garments is 260 g/m2. The basic MAX collection is not characterized by any reflective elements or stripes. The MAX NEO garments are available in 7 men's and 4 women's color varieties.


A line that is made of the same materials as the basic MAX NEO collection. In addition, the garments of this collection are equipped with sewn-on reflective stripes on sleeves of jackets and on pant legs, with widths of 5 cm. The MAX NEO REFLEX workwear is available in 6 men's and 1 women's color varieties.


The MAX SUMMER line is also made of 100 % cotton material. Compared to other lines, the fabric is characterized by a lower weight - 220 g/m2. That is why this line is suitable for use during warm summer days. The garments are with no reflective elements or stripes. You can choose from 7 men's and 4 women's color varieties.


Thanks to insulation, the clothing from the MAX WINTER line is designed for work at lower temperatures. 100 % cotton workwear is characterized by the Standard fit. For greater safety of outdoor work in reduced visibility conditions, the sleeves of work jackets and pant legs are provided with sewn-on 5 cm wide reflective stripes, too. You can choose from 3 men's color varieties.


The MAX VIVO workwear is made of a combination of two materials - polyester (65 %) and cotton (35 %). In exposed parts, the garments are reinforced with durable Oxford 600D material. The MAX VIVO line items are equipped with reflective elements on the sleeves and pockets. It is available in 2 men's and 1 women's color varieties.


The MAX VIVO REFLEX line is characterized by the same benefits as the MAX VIVO collection. In addition, however, its clothing items are equipped with 5 cm wide sewn-on reflective stripes on the pant legs, sleeves and around the waist of the jacket. This line is available only in two men's color varieties.


Unlike the previous lines, the MAX VIVO HV line is made of reflective HI-VIS fabric that meets the requirements of EN ISO 20471 - High visibility clothing for professional use. Reflective printed stripes on the sleeves, at the waist of the jacket and on pant legs are 7 cm wide and 7.5 cm wide, respectively. This product line is characterized by Oxford 600D reinforcement in exposed parts. It is available in 2 men's colors - yellow and orange.