Knoxfield - stylish clothes in which you will be seen.

Hi-Vis reflective elements that fulfil norms in a modern style and colours. That's the type of clothing from our latest Knoxfield collection. For example, Knoxfield pants with suspenders have, in addition to contrasting Hi-Vis elements, multifunction pockets, an ID card snap ring, a reinforced back part and a knee area with space for knee pads.

Functional and modern clothing that fits, the individual pieces go well together and still meet the demands for Hi-Vis equipment. Such was the idea of designer Tomáš Hybler. The result is the unique Knoxfield collection that offers 294 different combinations of clothing. From Knoxfield workwear, your customers can choose for example pants, sweatshirts, shorts and softshell jackets. They choose a colour combination and are always sure that all the pieces will match.

With no difficulty, the whole factory can be fitted with uniformed clothing that looks great, is comfortable and fits perfectly. All parts of the Knoxfield collection come in three versions:

  1. Classic work clothes,
  2. Clothing with reflective stripes,
  3. Hi-Vis clothing conforming to standards.

Knoxfield clothing is suitable for work in most common operations. Explore the collection full of colour combinations (fluorescent yellow, orange or unusual red) of original designs and cleverly and efficiently positioned reflexive edging, stripes and trimming. All pants have a specially processed elastic waist. Thanks to it, craftsmen will feel comfortable all day.

A catalogue of the noxfield collection can be viewed at the link below