Every little bit counts! We handed over more than 5,700 top-class respirators to the directors of seven hospitals.

In the time of acute shortage of personal protection equipment, we donated 5.7 thousand FFP3 class respirator masks and 700 FFP2 class respirator masks that we are currently handing over to the directors of the following hospitals: Na Homolce, Na Bulovce, in Motol and the General University Hospital in Prague, Thomayer Hospital, to the director of the Regional Hospital in Kladno and also the director of the University Hospital in Ostrava.

FFP3 class respirator masks are designed to protect the most exposed people with immediate threat of being infected by COVID-19 caused by the latest coronavirus mutation. This illness is currently ailing most of the world. Na Homolce, Na Bulovce and v Motole hospitals have already received a thousand top class respirator masks each on Monday. The General University Hospital in Prague is scheduled to receive 700 pieces of FFP2 class respirator masks and 370 pieces of FFP3 class respirator masks from us on Wednesday. We have also scheduled the handover of 405 pieces of FFP3 class respirator masks to the University Hospital in Ostrava and 750 pieces of FFP3 class respirator masks to the Regional Hospital in Kladno and 1181 top-class respirators to Thomayer hospital.

The hospital staff deserves our admiration

The medical staff is inadequately equipped, dealing with a shortage of respirators, and facing an enemy that greatly outnumbers them. The doctors and nurses thus live and work under permanent threat. They risk their lives for each of us. With this small donation, we would like to provide at least a little help to the self-sacrificing doctors and nurses who are exposed to the risk of being infected by this insidious disease every single day. It is the doctors and nurses who constitute the first line of battle today, fighting to protect us from the dangerous invasion of the invisible enemy. We owe them our deepest thanks for that.

Unfortunately, the lack of protective equipment in our hospitals reflects the situation on the PPE market worldwide. Western civilization on both sides of the Atlantic is currently the most affected by COVID-19, so the demand for such protective equipment is unprecedented. The fact that the world's largest producers of protective equipment-China and India-are severely restricting the export of these products from the country does not help the current situation either.

However, we continue monitoring the situation on the Eastern markets and do everything we can to bring greater quantities of not only respirator masks to the Czech Republic, but also the still scarce protective face masks or disposable overalls.