CERVA introduces a new 2021–2022 catalog

This year, we are entering the fourth decade of CERVA's existence with the goal of building on our reputable history. What have we achieved in the last 30 years? Our company has grown from a tiny Czech business to today's global corporation, which is known across all continents.

We have managed to expand our business not only thanks to organic growth, but also through numerous acquisitions. We have primarily focused on expanding our activities in Europe, but we have also paid attention to our presence in Africa and the Americas. Last year, we set the goal of solidifying our position on the domestic market. The acquisition of Hygotrend, the leading Czech supplier of cleaning and sanitary supplies, resulted in a major extension of our product portfolio and allowed us to focus on new customer groups. Moreover, adding the Fachman retail chain to our group is our first significant attempt at penetrating the retail market.

In addition to the growth of the company as a whole over the last 30 years, our product portfolio has undergone revolutionary changes. Starting as a not particularly large discount-market seller of gloves, we have evolved into a giant offering the largest range of products in various price categories on the Central and Eastern European markets. In addition to products made by our respectable and reliable partners, we actively offer our own innovative products that meet all the required safety standards while providing an attractive appearance, comfort and high durability.

But let's get straight to the changes that have been made in the new catalog. How is the catalog improved, what have been the biggest changes, and, especially, what new products and changes in individual product categories have we prepared for you?

Changes in the Garments product category:

We have responded to our customers' requests and expanded size tables by geographic groups. In addition, in our 2021-2022 catalog you will find a new overview and description of the materials: Trifibetex, Trifibetex-Pro, Lumicotex, Cordura and YKK zippers. The big news is that now it will be possible to order only piece orders in agreement with our PPE consultant.

In the 2021-2022 catalog, we are also presenting the new MAX NEO collection (NEO LADY, NEO REFLEX, SUMMER, SUMMER LADY, VIVO, VIVO HI-VIS, WINTER REFLEX collections), the FF HANS collection within the Fridrich & Fridrich collection, the CIUDADES collection and the NEURUM collection - which you are probably already familiar with, but now it is the first time you have the opportunity to have all the relevant information available in one place.

New releases in the Footwear product category:

New information has been added to the catalog regarding the weight of the footwear; as a standard, you can read information about the height of the footwear and the material composition. For safety footwear, the material composition of toecaps is also available.

An interesting new product in our portfolio is the CORTINA safety footwear, which is "metal free" - without metal parts, so it is suitable for all workplaces where it is necessary to go through the security gates - airports, courthouses, etc. In the catalog, you will further find a completely new model line on a rubber outsole - MIRRADA, VINDWOOK and TORNAFORT models, new Panda brand models and also modern farm boots HOMBEE.

Significant changes have been also in the product portfolio of Gloves

First of all, the FreeHand gloves line, which was newly included in the CERVA product family, was discontinued. Cut-resistant gloves are newly marked with a clear pictogram, which at a glance provides the information on what level of cut-resistance the gloves meet. Several new types of cut-resistant gloves are included in the catalog. Let's mention a few of them: OPTALIS PALM, PLOVER YELLOW CUT or TINAMOU.

The portfolios of mechanic gloves, gloves designed to protect against special risks and chemical disposable gloves have also expanded with new models, too. Moreover, the FIRECREST and VIREO gloves with the OEKO-TEX® mark meet the standards of testing for harmful substances and they must come from ecological production sources. Apart from the new products, the news is that the sale of the FULVUS gloves was discontinued.

New changes in the Eye Protection category

The most significant change in the Eye Protection category is the adjustment in the sorting of glasses. Currently, the 3M models - SOLUS 2000, SOLUS CCS and the BOLLE case - have been included in the portfolio. In the wide portfolio of spectacles, we now offer the possibility of making protective corrective glasses. We can also offer our customers a complete service, starting with professional consultation and ending with the delivery of corrective glasses meeting the EN 166:2001 standard.

Changes in the Hearing Protection category

The 3M earplugs have been newly added to the portfolio of products designed for hearing protection. As to the SONIS® earmuffs, these have been moved from the CERVA catalog to the ASSEMBLY catalog. On the other hand, the Ear Defender products, which will be newly sold under the CERVA brand, have undergone a cosmetic change only.

What is new in the Head Protection category?

Helmets are newly divided into two subcategories - industrial safety helmets and helmets for mountaineers. Accessories for the JSP helmets have been added to our portfolio - industrial shields, forestry wire mesh shields and 4-point chin straps.

New products in the Respiratory Protection category

The Respiratory Protection product category has recently received significant changes. In the product portfolio you will find new NANO products - among others, RESPIPRO WHITE, RESPIRAPTOR and RESPIPRO CARBON, meeting the FFP2 filter class. Due to our recent acquisition of the Hygotrend company, we have further expanded our portfolio with face masks of the HYGOTRENDY private label - VIRAZON, VIRAZON NANO, VIRAZON PRO, VIRAZON PRO KIDS. Other new products that have been added are the respirators of the private brand F&F - including SAAR and NAAB, the REFIL products - REFIL 751 and REFIL 750 and products of the RESPAIR X brand.

On the other hand, the 3M welding helmets, AIR+ respirators and CleanSpace brand products were removed from the portfolio. The latest change is the modification of the label of UNIX products that will now bear the CERVA label.

Due to much wider range of respiratory protection products, tab index dividers are now added for the reader's convenience in the 2021-2022 catalog - Respirators, Medical face masks, Half masks and full face masks and Powered air purifying respirators.

After 2 years, the Fall Protection range of products is back in the catalog:

Products designed to protect against falls are back in the large CERVA catalog in a significantly extended form. We have added two other brands to the existing Lanex supplier, namely FALL SAFE from Portugal and the German brand SKYLOTEC.

Therefore, the number of products offered has almost doubled. Now our products completely cover the field of fall protection including rescue operations and solutions to specific conditions such as in the chemical industry, explosive environment and working with heat sources, for example welding. Currently, in our portfolio you can also find practical sets designed for specific work - our aim is to facilitate the selection of necessary protective equipment for both sellers and customers.

In case you cannot find a product for a specific situation that you are dealing with in this catalog, we have a separate FALL PROTECTION catalog where the selection is even wider.