CERVA GROUP participated in House I 2020 exhibition that took place on June 12–14

Innovative building construction materials, building solutions, tools and equipment for house building, as well as PPE and equipment for finishing work were displayed at an international exhibition that took place in Kipsala, Latvia.

House I 2020 exhibition had originally been scheduled for mid-March but it had to be postponed by 3 months due to the Corona virus crisis. 90% of the originally registered participants took part in the exhibition held in the alternate term.

The presence of CERVA GROUP was personally organized by our Latvian Sales Agent Ivars Vaišļa-Andersons who presented the products from our selection both to prospective partners and to end customers at our CERVA GROUP stand. We were pleasantly surprised, as he received a number of positive reactions to our products.

Here is what Ivars himself thinks about his presence at the fair: "Customers generally showed the greatest interest in clothing (waist trousers, overall trousers and jackets). Besides that, the customers also liked colourful PINTAIL seamless gloves and nearly every second visitor appreciated our HENFORD safety sandals. At the fair, we managed to address a number of potential customers to whom the CERVA brand had been completely unknown, and they were especially impressed by the quality of our products."

The exhibition took place under restricted conditions

The organizer of the 34th House I 2020 exhibition had to to introduce a number of security measures due to the current medical situation. Spacings of at least three meters were maintained between the individual stands, the flow of incoming and outgoing visitors was completely separated, and at the same time, it was not possible to let more than one person per 4 m2 into the exhibition hall. We really appreciate the approach of the organizers and we are glad that it was possible to organize the exhibition under these non-standard conditions.

We intend to take part in the exhibition again next year, as it turned out that the awareness of CERVA brand is still low in the Baltic countries and the local market offers an interesting potential for further growth of our company.