Environmental protection is given a green light

CERVA GROUP a. s. is involved in the system of ecological processing of packaging materials. By doing so, it reduces the environmental impact of its operations and eliminates the company's own carbon footprint. As evidence of compliance with the obligations arising from the company's involvement in the program, CERVA GROUP a.s. received the EKO-KOM certificate.

The EKO-KOM system, along with its clients, contributes significantly to reducing the environmental burden. Companies involved in this system are aware of their responsibility to future generations and are voluntarily trying to reduce the production of greenhouse gases, waste materials and other environmental burdens.

Responsibility towards nature should be one of the priorities of every organization, and CERVA GROUP a.s. accepts the responsibility, too. None of us wants our children to inherit a destroyed planet. That is why we are constantly looking for ways to further reduce our ecological footprint.