CERVA GROUP a.s. enters the retail market through the acquisition of Fachman

Jenec, 19th March 2021 - CERVA GROUP has completed the acquisition of Fachman, which in more than 4 years of existence has managed to build a profitable e-shop and a network of 6 retail stores

With its product portfolio - mainly selling workwear, protective equipment and aids complemented by leisure clothing - Fachman fits well with the growth vision of CERVA GROUP.

The goal of CERVA GROUP is not only organic growth, both in the Czech and foreign markets, but also strategic growth through acquisitions of other companies. In this way, the company based in Jenec near Prague not only succeeds in expanding its existing product range but in developing new sales channels as well. This will allow CERVA GROUP to reach even small end customers by entering the retail sector directly.

CERVA GROUP will now have much greater opportunities to get closer to the end customers and better respond to their requirements. At the same time, it will offer them more options for buying products from the company's portfolio.

Following the recent acquisition of the Czech-based company HYGOTREND Group, thanks to which CERVA GROUP managed to significantly expand its portfolio with products for personal and industrial hygiene, this is another acquisition made on the Czech market in a relatively short time.

The Czech market share is expanded hand in hand with the expansion of company activities abroad. In December 2018, CERVA GROUP acquired a 74% stake in Tomás Bodero, strengthening its strategic position in the market for personal protective equipment in southwestern Europe. In January 2019, it expanded its activities in Germany. Besides, the company operates in many markets in Eastern and Western Europe - the most important are the Netherlands, Slovakia, Hungary and Romania.

CERVA GROUP will continue to look for ways to use its own capital as efficiently as possible. Opportunities for further growth through acquisitions, whether due to expanding the product portfolio or reaching customers in new markets, remain open.

CERVA GROUP, a.s.,has been a symbol of safety and comfort at work since 1991. It is a renowned manufacturer of tailor-made protective equipment for every type of job. In 2019, more than 500 employees in 14 branches provided the company with an annual consolidated turnover of 5.5 billion Czech crowns and satisfied customers in 75 countries around the world (https://www.cerva.com/o-nas).

FACHMAN s.r.o.is a young, dynamically developing company that sells personal protective equipment along with workwear and leisurewear. In its stores, it sells products for the protection of the health and safety of people at work and in leisure activities. Its primary goal is to satisfy all customer needs in one place. In the company's range you will find gloves, work shoes, workwear, products for head, sight, hearing and respiratory protection, and last but not least, shoes and casual wear (https://fachman.shop/o-nas).

For more information please contact:

Veronika Steinmetzová

Marketing Manager

Email: veronika.steinmetzova@cerva.com

Phone: +420 602 343 653