CERVA GROUP extends its presence in Germany

With the acquisition of CERVA Arbeitskleidung GmbH (CA), CERVA GROUP a.s. (CG) secured the expansion of its business activities on the German personal protective equipment (PPE) market.

The acquisition followed after long years of cooperation between the two entities, during which CERVA Arbeitskleidung GmbH (https://www.cerva.de/) successfully sold CG articles in its stores across Germany. The acquisition also includes successful online PPE sales via eBay and Amazon. CERVA Arbeitskleidung GmbH sells top world brands not only to corporations on the European market, but it also acts as a direct PPE seller for small traders and hobby customers.

CG will focus on selling a high-quality product range, which includes the Knoxfield hi-vis garment collections, the European Panda footwear as well as FREE HAND and CERVA work gloves. This step will bring both a specific sales increase for CA, as well as offer the expansion of business activities and the possibility of the closer monitoring of the German market.

CERVA Arbeitskleidung GmbH (CA) is a professional seller of PPE quality brands, which is active in direct sales as well as in the online world in Germany.

CERVA GROUP a.s. (CG) has been a symbol of safety and comfort at work since 1991. It is a renowned manufacturer of tailor-made protective equipment for every type of job. With more than 500 employees in 11 branches, the company earned an annual consolidated turnover of 5.434 billion crowns in 2017 and the satisfaction of customers in 63 countries around the world (https://www.cerva.com/en/about).

For more information please contact:

Veronika Steinmetzová - Marketing Manager
E-mail: veronika.steinmetzova(at)cerva(dot)com