CHEMSAFE overall P5

Protective overall with hood, impermeable protective layer, sealed seams, self adhesive zipper flap and elastic wrists and legs, is chemical proof, protective against radioactive elements and infective agents penetration, belongs to CE III category, type 4, 5 and 6.

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100 % polypropylene
Sales unit: 1/25 PC
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  • EN 13034
    Chemical protective clothing offering limited protective performance against liquid chemicals (Type 6 and Type PB [6] equipment)
  • EN 14605
    Protective clothing against liquid chemicals - Performance requirements for clothing with liquid-tight Type 3, Type 4, Type PB [3] and Type PB [4]
  • EN 340
    Protective clothing - General requirements
  • EN 374-1
    Protective gloves against chemicals and micro-organisms - Terminology and performance requirements
  • EN ISO 13982-1
    Performance requirements for chemical protective clothing providing protection to the full body against airborne solid particulates (type 5 clothing)
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