Blue light: risk to your eyesight or unnecessarily overestimated phenomenon?

The composition and effects of light on the body are a much more complex problem than it may seem. Go for a walk during a sunny afternoon, light tube, computer screen, mobile phone, or other digital devices - activities that lead to the exposure of your eyes to visible (and sometimes invisible) radiation that can have many effects on you and your health.

Come with us to see how to navigate the Panda footwear offer better

Italian manufacturer of safety and work shoes celebrates 40 years of existence this year. We are proud to work together for more than 10 years on our joint mission: to contribute to increasing social health protection. CERVA has been the owner of Panda since 2008 and has a total of 84 Panda footwear models out of a total of 150 divided into 11 product lines. Each has its specifics and uses. Let's have a look at each Panda product line.

Comfortable work clothes that make you look good? This is the new Dayboro collection

Working clothes from the Dayboro collection are currently the most attractive things you can find in the latest CERVA catalogue. Individual pieces from the collection are not only very functional, but also comfortable. In addition, we follow trends and therefore want you to look good in our new collection as well.

Laboratory safety. Do you know what you should definitely not forget?

Regardless of the industry - pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, industrial engineering or food production - sufficient safety measures must be adopted to create a safe, productive and enjoyable working environment for everyone.

A complete guide to how to deal with heat in the workplace in summer

It might seem that there is no danger when it is warm and sunny. The opposite is true. Heat and sun in the workplace can become your greatest enemy.