Cold Protection at work: What will keep you warm during the winter months?

Choosing the right working clothes for the cold winter months is an essential part of the work preparation. Winter workwear and shoes represent a wide range of clothes and accessories that will keep you warm. Make sure you are well equipped for harsh working conditions. You can choose from a wide range of products. Winter workwear and shoes are made of the highest quality materials suitable for long-term wear.

Take a deep breath: Breathing protection against occupational hazards

Whether you work in the assembly site, agriculture, laboratory or any other potentially hazardous environment, you should protect your respiratory system. Most often, dust but also toxic substances represent an invisible and creeping enemy. The employer is obliged to provide protective equipment to defend the respiratory system of his employees if conditions so require. However, practice is sometimes different. Insufficient professional training and absence of respiratory protection are often sad reality.

Panda Monza and Mistral - durable shoes for the most demanding conditions

CERVA has owned Italian company Panda Safety for 11 years. Both organizations are walking together on the way to help protect human health. During more than 40 years of its existence, Panda Safety has built a reputation as a brand, whose employees emphasize the quality of their products in every detail. Let's take a closer look at two models with maximum resistance

Reflective clothing can protect you not only on the construction site but also in everyday life

Hi-Vis clothing, or clothing with reflective elements, can increase the visibility of a person up to ten times during the night. The chances that a driver is noticing you are much higher. Be responsible and wear reflective clothing when moving on the road in poor visibility.

Comfort redefined. Tie your shoes using a single dial QLS

Imagine that both your shoes are always tied perfectly. Not too tight, not too loose. You feel great working all day, the lacing does not push against the instep and your heel is not bouncing around either. This dream can come true with the new QLS lacing system.