Change in marking of gloves sold under the CERVA brand

We would like to inform you about the change in the marking of gloves sold under the CERVA brand. The current marking of chemical gloves features a new print on the back of the glove; all other gloves have a newly sewn-in label with legislative requirements. The blister pack of gloves was also updated as well as the design of disposable glove boxes.

We are introducing a new Fall Protection catalogue!

Fall protection is often taken lightly, although its underestimation often results in fatal consequences. It is surprising how often it is neglected. If only everyone used simple maths. Human response time to an unexpected event is approximately 2 seconds. During this time, you can drop 19.6 m by free fall and reach a speed of 71 km/h. Just a little mistake may have dire consequences. To help minimise these dangers, we have created a new fall protection catalogue which we would like to introduce to you briefly.

Essential facts about ESD protection

According to international research, about 70% of the damage to electronic devices is caused by improper personnel protection! Man, eventually his everyday clothes, is a relatively powerful generator of electric charges. The main element of protection against electrostatic discharges thus becomes antistatic or ESD clothing.

How do you protect your hands against the cold to stay efficient enough?

Efforts to complete even simple manual tasks when temperatures fall below freezing point are a real challenge. The reduced sensitivity of the fingers, the limited mobility of the joints and the fact that any mistake is much more painful, require the wearing of warm working gloves.

Cortina Safety Shoes: Shoes meeting the highest expectations

Cortina safety shoes reliably protect you at work. Besides, you will have a great feeling from wearing them because of its ergonomics. Even a several-hour working shift becomes much more tolerable. Forget the feeling of tired legs! The most significant benefit and at the same time, an element that distinguishes this shoe from the competition is its tapered toe shape. This eye-catching shape is not the only thing that characterises the shoe it fits much better on narrower feet as well. Cortina footwear is not as robust as comparable footwear and can also be used by women.