Une nouvelle définition du confort. Attachez vos chaussures à l'aide d'une simple roulette CGW

Imaginez-vous que vos deux chaussures sont toujours serrées comme vous le souhaitez. Ni trop, ni trop peu. Vous pouvez travailler gaiement toute la journée, les lacets ne vous étranglent pas le coup de pied et votre talon est parfaitement maintenu en place. Grâce au nouveau système d'attache CGW, c'est possible.


On September the 13th 2018, in the hospitable walls of the Karbówko Conference Center in Elgiszewo near Toruń, the 7th Product Seminar organized by CERVA POLSKA Sp. z o.o took place. Impressive number of 150 clients accepted our invitation!

Rehamij Nederland B.V. reprend toutes les activités commerciales de CERVA à Benelux

CERVA Belgium change son nom à Midex Safety et quitte le groupe CERVA GROUP a.s.

Valuable know-how within your grasp. Just watch our live streams

In today's world, high-quality information is worth gold - but at CERVA, our information is available to all of you. We have successfully arranged for two exciting live streams on hearing protection and, in the near future, we are already planning another one - this time, we decided for a live session from our stand at the A+A conference in Düsseldorf. All you have to do is follow us.

Review by a big craftsmen portal: Assent workwear withstand way more than average

Triple stitching in the crotch and in the knees, or reinforced material in the most exposed parts - skilled workmen from the portal Český revealed what they like the most about the Assent trousers.