In this year's edition, in all the product categories in which the most new products are represented, we are featuring more than 150 innovations in a workwear section. This year we decided to expand our portfolio of workwear for demanding customers and to the very successful Otto Schachner "OS" brand we are also adding the Assent Collection, which also came into being from the pen of our designer. After last year's success with our own tailor-designed workwear, we decided to continue to follow this trend. In the coming years we intend to continue developing innovative workwear with eye-catching designs. In this manner, in addition to quality and comfort, we can also place an emphasis on the modern look of individual PPE.

Our product portfolio has also been expanded to include a renowned French manufacturer of spectacles, goggles and other items for eye protection - Bollé Safety - whose products excel in regard to their unique type of surface coating that prevents fogging even during prolonged use. We have supplemented our range with exclusive safety footwear that is produced by the Portuguese manufacturer ToWorkFor. The shoes have unique soles and a standard size-range up to 50. Completely new to our portfolio is the British manufacturer of flooring materials and anti-fatigue mats - COBA.

The catalogue has also undergone quite a change. For simpler orientation an overview matrix of products and of technical standards applicable to the specific category has been placed at the front of each chapter, together with a summary table for selecting disposable overalls and other special workwear, and, additionally, a new icon showing a retail package has been added to specific products throughout the catalogue, which will be especially helpful for retail businesses.

We truly believe, therefore, that all these changes will enable a much speedier orientation to the product portfolio and that the new catalogue will enable our distributors to market and to sell our products more easily and our customers to more easily orient themselves during workwear selection from our product portfolio.

Catalogue for download:


Promotional Textile

We have applied our years of know-how and experience with the production of PPE in the creation of an optimum offer in this segment, which will allow you to satisfy the requirements of even the most demanding customer.

You will find products ranging from t-shirts through sweatshirts, jackets all the way to work clothes and various accessories such as belts, towels, gloves etc. For specific inquiries, when the goods in the catalogue do not meet the requirements, we can offer you custom manufacturing, so that you can choose from various cuts, materials, packaging etc. We offer theese purchase benefits:

  • High quality materials and designs
  • Competitive prices
  • Short delivery time
  • Large inventory for basic assortment ( T-shirts, poloshirts, sweatshirts)
  • Custom made production available

In case of interest contact our branch office

Catalogue of promotextile download here