Notification of company name change and seat relocation

Notification of company name change and seat relocation

Dear business partners,

we would like to inform you that as of September 30th 2015, the business name of ČERVA EXPORT IMPORT a.s. will change.
From the above stated date, the company will begin using its new name:


The above change has been made in accordance with the company's long-term development strategies.

The company's seat and invoice address will also change to::

Prologis Park Prague - Airport Hala DC2
Průmyslová 483
CZ-252 61 Jeneč

Other information like our Company ID No., VAT No., telephone and e-mail contacts and bank account numbers will remain unchanged. The change of our business name will not have any effect on contracts or obligations between yourself and ČERVA EXPORT IMPORT a.s. Contracts concluded in the past remain valid.

However, new business correspondence, orders, invoices, delivery notes, new contracts and amendments of existing contracts between yourself and our company must use the new business name CERVA GROUP a.s., from the above stated date.

The official company logo remains unchanged

We hereby ask you, to enter this change into your information systems and begin strictly using our new name CERVA GROUP a.s. when communicating with our company.

Best Regards,

Albert Giliaev
President of the company and Chairman of The Board