New catalogues for every stage of the manufacturing process in automotive industry

The Czech automotive industry provides jobs for over 120,000 persons who manufacture a car every 23 seconds. That's a solid dose of dangerous handling of heavy sheet metal, harmful varnish and sophisticated servicing. What about protection?

In our new Automotive catalogues, you will find the most efficient methods of protection in all stages of the manufacturing process.

  • Press Shop, Body Shop - we do not recommend working in a stamping shop without welding face shields, respirators, safety footwear and other aids.
  • Paint Shop - staff in a painting shop cannot do without half-face filtration masks, protective suits or special gloves.
  • Montage - head protection, safety clothing and special gloves are of utmost importance in an assembly shop.
  • Maintenance - the service technicians need work goggles, gloves, lamps and safety harnesses.

Co fáze výroby, to jiná rizika. S vybavením z našich katalogů se vypořádáte s nástrahami obsluhy obrovských výrobních strojů i mikroskopických částeček kovů.

Press Shop, Body ShopPaint ShopMontageMaintenance